Friday, November 7, 2008

Madagascar 2 Out Today

Heres the artwork I promised. This is a good sample of the art I created during the making of Madagascar 2. This is all digital painting in photoshop. Enjoy!
All artwork copyright Dreamworks Animation.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some past work from Dreamworks

For some of you to see just what I do over here at dreamworks. These pieces represent the type of illustration I am asked to do, mainly color keys and prop design. This type of art is what we do once we are in production however we do work thats a bit rougher and more exploratory before this stage and ill try and get some of that kind of work up sometime . This work is a collection from Shrek 3, Shrek the Halls and Madagascar. Enjoy!

Check back in a week for an update with some stuff from the brand new action packed, krak -a- lakin madagascar 2! In theatres everywhere November 4th!

what a whore, I know.

All artwork copyright Dreamworks Animation.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For realsies

So Im gonna be posting some arts n crafts here from time to time Heres some Live painting I did at various clubs in san francisco (1015, mighty, temple) Done over the past year with my friends of The Fringe. These were all done on different nights approx 2 hours more or less with little to no light or strong red club light resulting is random colors and impercise brush strokes....but that was the fun part.

First Posting

This is for Erwin Madrid the most bad ass blogger I know, yes I do know him and yes I do know how lucky I am...